Sunday, September 16, 2007

It's been a Quiet Week in Mac town

It's been a fairly quiet week in McMurdo. Melissa is doing well with her job, she enjoys working with her co workers, and I too have the pleasure of working with a fun group of guys. The weather has been fairly good most of the week, with Sunday being the exception, were we had a "Herbie" come through town. A "Herbie" is a storm that usually comes from the south and brings "huricane" force winds. (technically supposed to sustain winds of 75 MPH).

The weather on saturday was really nice. Melissa and I both had the day off so we hiked to Castle Rock, a large rock outcrop about 3.5 mile away from town. There are ropes set up to assist the climbing of the summit.

Here is Melissa climbing her way to the top of Castle Rock

Here is a Photo Eric Kawasaki took the other week while we were watching the lunar eclipes and arouras. We could be the people in the photo (but it's hard to tell).


baxtermn2000 said...

Melissa, This is Pat Hassett from SJMC. I was just looking at your blog and it is facinating. I had written down your blog address and just found it on a piece of paper in my calendar book. Sounds like a great adventure to me. Will check back from time to time to see what else you are up to. Lots of luck and love from good old Brainerd, MN. Pat

baxtermn2000 said...

Not very good at this. Pat