Sunday, September 23, 2007

10 Days Before The Invasion

So another week has gone and we are beging a new one. In 10 short days we will now feel as the winterover people did. We are being invaded by mainbody when the population here swells from 350 to 1000, within two weeks. Talk about mind numbing. Our life as peacful and quiet will no longer be. That's ok though, with mainbody good things come. We will be getting mail and can send mail again, yay, not to mention more freshies (fruit and vegies). The other day we had salad straight from the greenhouse down here, and it was delicious. It is amazing what some food will make a person do when they know it's going to be for dinner. We also had pizza night. It was a frenzy.

We have been having sunsets that last 6 hours at a time. The sunlight has been gradually increasing for 15 minutes at a time each day. It is very beautiful. There is a new sunset each time you walk out of the building. One of the perks to being down here so early.

This was taken just after we climbed observation hill. A hill that is right next to town and is often a reference point. The sun is still setting in the background and I'm taking a short rest. This was at about 7:30pm. I'm sure there will be more of these kinds of pictures to come.

Click to Enlarge (nice photo of McMurdo and surroundings.)

This week we also moved to our new dorm. Now we no longer live across the tracks, as everyone refers to it here. We are in building 155, this building houses numerous people, the galley, and a few offices. It is centrally located in the town so not much is more that a couple minute walk. We will soon be placing some photos of the town and our building. Most of the dorms int this building are 4-6 person rooms. Josh and I were very fortunate to recieve one of the 2 person dorms. There are only about three of them.

Rock Band "Level 5"
On Saturday we had "Winstock" a smaller version of "Icestock". This was the event of the season. It is amazing how many people down here are musicians. There were 7 small bands that played a variety of music from acustic to oldies, and alternative rock to modern rock. Many of them were original songs and a few described life in Mactown.

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great picture of area, take another a few months from now