Saturday, August 25, 2007

My adventure thus far

This has been an adventure, yes I have heard all about this place for the past two years but being here and going through all the process is an adventure in itself. So far much of my precieved notions were correct, there are things that are better, and things that are not. My first experience with the cold was when stopping off the plane. Josh tried to convice me to not wear a hat, scarf, or zip up my coat. Fortunatly I did't listen. The wind here really gets going and anything not coverd is fair game. I later found out that Josh just wanted a good picture. Once our lecture about the station was done, we headed up this hill tward the Heavy Shop (where Josh works), to get a pick up so we didn't have to haul our bags to the dorm. By the time I reached the top I found myself saying, yes belive it or not, I'm Hot. I was wearing way to many layers of clothes. The onlything to the flip side of that was, my face. I had to touch it to see if it was still there. Like I said earlier, the wind is rough.
Our dorm is better than expected, larger anyway. It is a small walk from everything else in town but not bad. As said earlier in the blog, we hope to move into a building a little closer.
Dinner last night was well, not as good as everyone brags about. I was expecting gourmet meals, much to my surprise the spagehtti was not. However, brunch this morning was delicious. I guess they were having an off night. Thats all for now. Will post pictures soon.

I'm Back

A year has past and the temptations of the (nearly) forgotten frozen continent have lured me back. This year with great excitment Melissa came with. It has been a great journey so far. We left August 17th for Denver Colorado, we were there for three nights before we departed for Los Angelos to New Zealand. Once in Christchurch, we went through all of our training and gear issue. Weather was on our side and we were delayed in Christchurch for an extra day, oh darn.
Our flight left Christchurch on August 25th at 7am. The ride was smooth without issues. We arrived on McMurdo base at about 12:30, the sun was just setting. Once here we had lunch and a brief overview of the happenings, then issued room keys and we were off to do our thing.
Our dorm this year is called Hotel California, a small walk, but nice and quiet. We hope to move closer to the "hub" if you will come October or mainbody for those who know the ice lingo. Today is Sunday August 26th and we are all settled into our room with a day off to do as we desire.