Sunday, October 7, 2007

Congatulations Ruth and Clive!

It's been a busy week. By Saturday afternoon the population of town was just over 650, with about 400 more to come over the next week. It's been a little overwhelming at times, but fun at others. It's been nice to see friends I've made from last year, but I had to say good bye again to some other friends from last year who wintered over and are now finally leaving after thier 14 month stays. Thursday and Friday evenings had some nice Nacreous clouds. I was very happy to see them. (see for more info on these unique clouds.)
There was Live music Saturday night at the coffee/wine bar. It was fun as the band had many songs they wrote about live here in McMurdo.

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Two good New Zealand friends I made last year (Ruth and Clive) both wintered over. Ruth wintered here at McMurdo, and Clive at Scott Base (NZ Station) 2 miles away. I was exited to hear they got engaged down here over the winter. Last Sunday the good folks at the Scott Base held an "Ice Wedding" for them. The wedding was complete with a real snow chapel, dresses, tuxes, reception, dinner, dance, cake, music, and fun.

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Lisa said...

Hey J&M, Don't stop blogging. I like to read about your experiences and love the pictures. Great clouds. I have a request. Can you add where Pegasus is on the McMurdo picture? I want to know which direction Randy goes each morning. Josh I heard you've been taking some helicopter rides. Did you take pictures? I don't know what your temp is, but it's going to be 65 today on Oct. 30th and I have the day off. Life is good. Stay warm, Lisa